User guide – Elite Massage Gun

Step 1 :

Take your PulsePro Elite Massage gun out of the carry case and hold in the power button until you hear a click (the lights will come on). The device is fully charged if there are three lights that came on.

Step 2 :

Select the appropriate attachment head and firmly press it into the device. For beginners and personal use it is advisable to use the larger attachments (such as the round ball or broad flat heads). For practitioners and elite athletes the trigger point head and duel paraspinal head can be used.

Step 3 :

Place the device on the painful muscle staying clear of any bony and visceral structures. Make sure not to put it on any wounds and not to be used by people with comorbidities (Cancer, osteoporosis, etc…). If you are unsure, ask your general practitioner.

Step 4 :

To obtain the best results; place the muscle of interest in a stretched position or move it along its normal range of movement whilst massaging. Slow movements along the length of the muscle is advised. This device delivers an extremely strong percussive force and it is not advisable to use for longer than 5 – 10 minutes in a set area.

It is normal to have a little local tenderness the next day as it is a strong massage. It is advisable to apply heat and muscle gel (such as voltaren gel or similar) to the area after massage. Make sure to revise your users manual located inside your carry case and if you have any further questions, kindly contact us – click here

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